Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Over The Hump!

Officially halfway through the working week - affectionately known as 'Hump Day' to some (sounds suggestive but it's perfectly innocent!)

I'm also in much better spirits than yesterday, thanks to the support of Markebloke and my lovely friends. He went to the match with his Mum

(we're all Nottingham Forest fans, for our sins! Lost 4-2 to Watford last night!)

though gave me lots of cuddles and fuss when he got back

(if I sound like a particularly needy rescued moggy after reading that, you're not far off the mark!)

In my few hours of being home alone, I surfed the web and watched the same episode of Eastenders twice....productive human being that I am! I managed not to binge on junk food mind you, plus had a really good chat with a friend I'd not seen for a week.

For your amusement, I include below some of the truly dodgy jokes I asked to be sent to cheer me up yesterday.

Thanks to the good folk of the Weight Watchers NCU board, My Dad and my Weight Watchers email buddies for these!

Jonathan Ross has been arrested for stealing kitchen equipment, when questioned he said it was a "whisk" he had to take!!!

Man and woman having sex in a dark forest..after 15 minutes the man jumps up and says

"Damn i wish i had a flash light!!"

"So do i says" the woman "You've been licking the grass for the last 10 minutes.."

A woman calls her husband into the bedroom -

"Now Mike, I want you 2 take off my blouse!!"

"Good" she says " Now take off my bra!"

"Good!" she says "Now will u take off my panties?"

"Good" she says.."Now if i catch u wearing them again ur in trouble.."

Q: Why do trees smell in autumn? '
A: Cos the leaves blow off

Q: What do you call a sheep with no legs?
A: A Cloud!

Q: What goes zub zub zub?
A: A bee flying backwards!

Q: What do you give a poorly pig?
A: Oinkment!

I love jokes, the sillier the better. I've definitely inherited my Dad's sense of humour in that respect!

I'm definitely off to the gym this evening...quite looking forward to it after a week of setbacks. My third weigh in is tomorrow and whether I lose or stay the same, I'm just going to take it on the chin and accept it. I've been reading some really inspiring blogs from people who have more to lose than me and now feel utterly determined.

Nothing more to follow that with...but watch this space! :-D

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